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s1122 PCIe Accelerator – 2TB, 1.6TB, 1TB & 800GB PCIe HH-HL Solution

Fast – access to data.
Simple – to use and install.
Reliable – flash built to last.

Kod: hgst

The s1100 family of application accelerators is designed to deliver high performance and fast access for mission-critical applications. These HH-HL solutions use the PCIe host interface and standard drivers for easy integration into today’s high-performance servers. Achieving the industry’s first Unlimited Endurance option indicates company fluency of mission-critical application demands and reliability across its spectrum of enterprise products. Highlighted by high availability to the data center, the unlimited option means drive wearout, premature drive replacement, costly outages and lost data access are eliminated. High-endurance design via CellCare Technology ensures high performance throughout the Accelerator’s 5-year warrantied life.


  • Industry-leading endurance in a PCIe flash card—up to 24 drive writes per day (DW/D)
  • Up to 2TB capacity in a HH-HL PCIe flash card
  • Sustained, predictable performance


  • Enterprise-class servers and high performance computing
  • Suitable for the most demanding scale-out database workloads
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Financial, high frequency trading
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Space and/or power constrained environments
  • Database accelerators
  • Big data analytics