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Logo Alstor

The company’s milestones

ALSTOR has been operating on the Polish IT market for more than 30 years. It was founded in 1987 and initially provided computer services. In later years, the company’s profile shifted to focus on marketing and distribution.

Below, we present the most important events in Alstor’s history.

2019 It was the turning point in our company’s history. As decided by our management board, on April 1st 2019 Alstor Sp.j. transferred part of its business to the newly-founded Alstor SDS Sp. z o.o. Alstor Sp.j. will continue its activities through three main business units: medical, consumer, and imaging. The imaging solutions are aimed mostly at professionals in the fields of photography, graphic design, healthcare and video surveillance, as well as at other vertical markets EIZO has been catering to for the past five years. These products have made up over 70% of Alstor’s turnover thus far. Meanwhile, Alstor SDS Sp. z o.o. will provide solutions for document management (DMS), IT infrastructure and data center.
2018 The internal division between specializations became more pronounced, as we created separate business units responsible for different products to further streamline customer service. Several world-renowned brands joined our portfolio, including Inspur (provider of high-quality servers and mass storage solutions) and Wacom (manufacturer of professional pen displays). Our iCorner department grew rapidly, adding mobile device accessories from renowned brands and increasingly popular interactive toys. The year also brought new awards; elected in an online vote, EIZO’s ColorEdge CG319X and ColorEdge CG279X were awarded the first and second prize in the editing solutions category of the competition co-organized by Digital Camera Polska and Fotopolis. It’s a testament to how much Polish customers value and trust the brand, something we have been working toward for years.
2017 We took on several new distributions: Spectra, Savvius, Garland Technology. We received a prestigious CRN Poland award for “consistently building a coherent portfolio in selected product areas (e.g. mass storage, healthcare solutions, professional use monitors) and setting standards in value-added distribution”. At the Film Video Foto Fair in Łódź, we received two awards for our EIZO monitors (in the photo and video categories), as well as the particularly precious Audience Award.
It was a special year in our company’s history, since we celebrated Alstor’s 30th anniversary.
2016 Alstor took on the distribution of Apcon’s network monitoring solutions, with plans to further expand this line of products the following year. We also decided to tackle a completely new field by beginning cooperation with StarWind, a leading provider of storage virtualization, Software Defined Storage and Hyper Converged Appliances.
2015 Adding to our extensive portfolio of backup solutions, we introduced ExaGrid: scale-out, disk-based backup appliances with deduplication technology that revolutionize data protection and backup storage for businesses. Alstor is the only provider of ExaGrid solutions in Poland. We also started cooperation with Memblaze, leading manufacturer of PCIe SSD accelerators; Shavlik, provider of OS and third-party application patch management software; and a host of brands that became part of iCorner, our department of consumer products (e.g. Pebble).
Additionally, Alstor signed a distribution deal with Socomec, provider of power supply security solutions, to provide customers with the full range of Socomec products: from office desktop solutions to modular power supplies for mission-critical IT systems. We also secured a distribution deal with Bakker Elkhuizen, Dutch manufacturer of ergonomic equipment for computer work.
2014 Pursuing its long-time interest in document scanners, Alstor expanded its portfolio to include selected Mustek products alongside Fujitsu and Graphtec solutions. Our medical portfolio was further developed and presented the same year at SALMED, Poland’s largest trade fair of medical equipment held in Poznań. One of the most interesting distributions we took on was BridgeHead Software, provider of healthcare data management solutions. Additionally, we began cooperation with Datacolor (provider of color management solutions) and Lantronix (provider of secure data access and management solutions for IoT assets).
2013 The changes continue. Due to the rapid expansion of the medical part of our portfolio, a separate department was created, consisting of people who provide sales and technical support. We are also proud to receive, once again, an award for marketing EIZO in Poland: EIZO’s “Special Award for Endeavour”. The iCorner department develops dynamically as well, with new, carefully chosen distributions: Whitings, Sphero, PhotoFast, Otterbox, Fitbit, and others. We signed a distribution deal with Imation, and now our offer includes their tape memory devices, Nexsan by Imation mass storage, and IronKey solutions – portable mass storage with encrypted data.
2012 We increased our efforts to bring our clients an even more extensive and diverse portfolio. We kept expanding our medical offer by complementing EIZO monitors with advanced medical software for supporting diagnosis: Ziosoft for cardiology and OrthoView for pre-surgery planning in orthopedics. We began cooperation with Merge Healthcare, manufacturer of the leading DICOM viewer. This year also marked the creation of our own brand, iCorner, followed by the formation of a team responsible for implementing and marketing the line of consumer products that consists of accessories for portable devices. We aspire to only choose the best solutions, provided by renowned manufactures such as mophie, OlloClip, and LifeProof. We were also successful in other fields: our service department implemented a management system compliant with ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 13485:2005/AC: 2009. We celebrated Alstor’s 25th anniversary.
2011 This year began with ALSTOR signing a distribution deal with CA, a renowned manufacturer of data and computer systems protection and availability software, and ended just as well – with introducing to our offer Celluon’s “magical keyboard”, which was the beginning of an entire new line of products. We were also successful in other fields: for instance, we were awarded the title of Avocent’s Distributor of the year 2011.
2010 When the situation on the IT market became stable again, it was time to begin hard work. Apart from conducting the usual business, we wanted to learn more and help our clients do the same. We organized numerous presentations and seminars, expanded the network of our partners, and developed new partnership programs to fully meet their needs. We also started offering new services, such as comprehensive implementation and consultation services for both our clients and their end users. New additions to our portfolio this year included photo and video editing software by MAGIX, advanced document processing optimization solutions by KOFAX, and backup and recovery software by FARSTONE.
2009 It was a difficult year for all of us. Sudden problems experienced by the world’s biggest economies, as well as dramatic currency fluctuations did not bypass Poland. Budget cuts and fear of money-spending affected consumer purchase decisions, which reflected badly on the IT market. However, even in this challenging situation we managed to overcome our difficulties. We signed a distribution deal with LANDESK, thus adding advanced IT infrastructure management software to our offer. We also expanded our portfolio with EPSON’s duplicators and photo printers, and KANVUS’s graphics tablets. We organized and took part in various seminars, presentations, and conferences. 2009 is also the year we opened up the EIZO Gallery, the only place of this kind in Europe, where our clients can see the full offer of EIZO’s office and graphics monitors.
2008 It was a very challenging year for us. In the spring, we moved our headquarters, which resulted in many difficulties that we nonetheless managed to quickly overcome and continue our business. Thanks to the extra space we acquired, we could start inviting our clients to regularly held trainings and seminars. We signed more distribution deals, including one with TuneUp, manufacturer of computer tuning software for Windows meant for retail market, and with Bitdefender, a well-known manufacturer of security software. We also began a large-scale cooperation with Hitachi Data Systems and CommVault. Meanwhile, our medical offer kept on expanding. The end-of-the-year financial results were very good, but we did not expect what the following months would bring.
2007 We gradually expanded our offer of Ardata products. EIZO monitors continued to be at the forefront of the graphics market and established their status on the medical market. We received even more prizes from EIZO for our sales results. At the same time, our offer of mass storage solutions kept growing.
2006 It was a good year for ALSTOR. Thanks to good sales results, we received numerous awards from our providers, notably from the EIZO Nanao Corporation. This company’s products had conquered the market of monitors used in graphics and medicine, received many prizes from the press and IT portals, and won two medals during the 9th Film Video Foto fair. In the meantime, ALSTOR began cooperation with Crescendo, manufacturer of web server efficiency-increasing solutions, and MAST Storage, manufacturer of tape devices. We also began distribution of Symantec’s enterprise-class backup and data management software.
2005 We added a new group of IT Security products to our offer. Firstly, it was VPN devices and firewalls by Cyberguard, but after Secure Computing, a world leader in security, acquired Cyberguard, we began to offer their products, later adding those manufactured by F-Secure. We also became the exclusive distributor of Pioneer’s optical drives in Poland.
2004 Two products distributed by ALSTOR received prizes in the contest that accompanied the Film Video Foto fair in Łódź. EIZO’s CG21 monitor was awarded a medal, while the Pinnacle Studio 9 AV/DV Deluxe card for video editing received an honorable mention. We also introduced two new series of products marketed under our own brand name, ARDATA. While earlier that group of products was dominated by RAID arrays and CD/DVD duplicators, since 2004 the offer began to cover portable hard drives and optical drives. The full offer can be found at www.ardata.pl
2003 VERITAS Software awarded us a special prize for the biggest growth in 2002 among 30 distributors from Eastern Europe and Israel. We also became the exclusive distributor for EIZO monitors in Poland and signed a distribution deal with Avocent, leading manufacturer of KVM switches, which was a new type of product for us. We began the distribution of cards and software for video editing and TV tuners by Pinnacle Systems, controllers by 3Ware, notebooks, PCs and servers by Maxdata, and LCD monitors by Belinea.
2002 We began cooperation with EIZO Nanao Corporation, manufacturer of professional monitors for various uses, for instance in medicine and graphics. We also added to our offer motherboards of a renowned German manufacturer, Fujitsu Siemens. On 13th October, we celebrated our company’s 15th anniversary. The same year, Alstor received the Distribution Channel Certificate, awarded for the first time by the Computer Reseller News Polska magazine, and was listed as one of the top 12 most valued Polish distributors according to the resellers.
2001 The company’s profile expanded with the creation of a media department. The newly-introduced products in our offer included digital cameras by Casio and Ricoh, video-editing software by AIST and Roxio, multimedia projectors by Sanyo and Toshiba, flash memory cards and readers, and palmtops by Casio and Psion. Additionally, we began working on our own brand, ARDATA: customized modular disk arrays solutions, tailored specifically to the customers’ individual needs. Our offer further expanded with the introduction of AABBYY Fine Reader’s popular OCR software and the Sphinx antivirus software by Biodata.
2000 In this important year, the products we added to our offer included Hypertec’s storage solutions, IDE disks manufactured by a world-class company IBM, JVC’s specialized IP cameras, Mylex’s RAID controllers, Pherton’s external disk arrays, FireWire Advansys’s controllers, and Paralan’s converters, regenerators, and SCSI adapters. We also signed a distribution deal with OnStream, manufacturer of economic tape drives based on the new ADR technology. We took part in the Komputer Expo and Infosystem in Poznań for the last time. For the second time, we became sponsors of the second IT Olympics, this time representing Yamaha.
1999 We received the Komputer Expo’99 Grand Prix in the IT Solutions category for the automatic form input and interpretation system based on a Fujitsu scanner and ReadSoft software. We were also awarded the title of the official distributor of Tandberg Data (manufacturer of top-class tape drives and libraries) and Seagate Software (backup software provider). Other companies we began cooperation with that year included Castelwood (manufacturer of interchangeable magnetic disks), Overland Data (manufacturer of autoloaders and tape libraries), and Promise (manufacturer of matrix and SCSI controllers). We also took on distribution for American Megatrends Inc, manufacturer of matrix controllers, motherboards for servers, diagnostic software for PCs and the BIOS card, meant to protect computers during the transition from the year 1999 to 2000.
1998 We received the KOMPUTER EXPO’97 Grand Prix for TOSHIBA’s DVD-ROM drive in the hardware category. We also signed distribution deals with DAWICONTROL and ADVANSYS, companies offering SCSI controllers, and with K-PAR, a manufacturer of CD and MO jukebox management software. It was also the year we began cooperation with ORNETIX and CDS Solutions, mini NAS servers providers. We further expanded our offer with products of NEC and Waitek.
1997 We were awarded the title of the official distributor of the high quality SCSI controllers and ADAPTEC CD-burning software, FARGO CD printers, and IMR archiving software. We also signed distribution deals with EXABYTE (a globally renowned manufacturer of tape drives and libraries in 8 mm technology), MAXOPTIX (manufacturer of magneto-optical drives and libraries), KODAK (manufacturer of document scanners and CD jukeboxes), JVC (manufacturer of CD jukeboxes), SONY (manufacturer of CD and MO jukeboxes), RIMAGE (manufacturer of professional CD duplicators), PLEXTOR (manufacturer of CD-ROM and CD-R drives), and TDK. The year 1997 was a turning point for Alstor, as we shifted towards electronic document processing. We also added READSOFT’s professional form recognition software to our offer.
1996 We became official partners of manufacturers such as Microtest, Elektroson, OTG, IXOS, and Infortrend. LSK offered us the distribution of CD copying solutions, magnetic discs, hard drives, and professional on-disc CD printers, while PTI offered us the distribution of casings. Another important milestone for the company was signing contracts with leading manufacturers of mass storage solutions: Hewlett-Packard and Philips.
1995 We signed more contracts: with Yamaha (manufacturer of CD recorders), NSM Jukebox and Smart Storage (manufacturers of CD-ROM jukeboxes and software), Ci Design (manufacturer of casing for SCSI devices), and Philips-PDO (manufacturer of storage media such as magneto-optical disks and CD-Rs).
1994 Toshiba, leader of the CD technology, contracted us to distribute their CD-ROM drives and 2.5-inch hard drives. The same year, we began cooperation with the American company Emulex, leader in fast network technologies.
1992 The beginning of our cooperation with Fujitsu, the second biggest computer company in the world. We signed a contract for the distribution of printers, hard drives, magneto-optical drives, and scanners.
1987 This was the year Alstor was founded, before the great political change that happened in Poland in the late 80’s. Initially, it was called Initel-Serwis and its main focus was on providing computer services. However, this was soon going to change.